July 3, 2022

Our Rebranding Story

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It’s Official! We Rebranded! At Beyond Family, we’ve made some changes to our look and online accessibility to further help you and your family live easier. As a business, we are always looking for new ways to improve our company for our current and potential clients. In the spirit of rebranding, Beyond Family will continue to commit to our clients and providebetter top-notch services and communication that you have or will experience.


We are pleased to announce we’ve updated our logo as part of our rebranding strategy. This major idea is to strengthen our growth, development, and commitments by helping our clients identify with our brand in the ever growing marketplace.


We wanted to give our new and pre-existing clients the best possible care, service and excitement. Our director, Rebecca Watanabe, believed we needed to rebrand in order to re-invent our company values and what we stand for. Separately, our design team re-evaluated and re-designed our logo in order to make it more modern and simple for our audience. Our brand visual lacked flexibility and modernity, thus changing our logo was a good way to reflect a fundamental change within our business ambitions and reconnect with our clients.

Re-assessing our brand for a new logo and website launch was a collaborative team effort. Naturally, with a team, we were able to get many different insights and design theme suggestions and outcomes.


As humans we are so visually driven. Our logo is more than just an aesthetic appeal, as we take the heart, home, and care to be our foundations, our new logo symbolizes that we will provide you and your loved ones with the best professional nursing care in the GTA. Our new colourful logo addition helps connect with our clients on a deeper, more inviting level. Using the various bright colours for our brand represents inclusivity, multiculturalism, and communicates diversity amongst clients and overall workplace environment.

With respect to our online webpage, we wanted user experience to be easily accessible, visually appealing, and maintain properties of our old webpage that we were proud of. Configuring a brand new About Page, Service, and Pricing homepage was a directional purpose that we all thought would improve overall user experience and comprehension.


In addition, we believed inserting a separate page for caregivers and the opportunities we could offer them would also be beneficial to those who are passionate about taking care of others and want to contribute to society.


Lastly, to make this transition easier for our clients, we incorporated a “Family Room” where our new online caregiver support software lets you stay up to date and connected 24/7. The online system allows our clients to coordinate with caregivers, and vice versa, to update any ongoing medical changes, schedule appointments, visits, and manage events.


Rebranding can be overwhelming, it requires love for your company, dedication from your team, and time to complete the process. In all honesty, a “brand” is never really finished, it’s never static and always has opportunity and room for improvement and growth.


As we move into the next chapter with our company, we look forward to building better relationships and connections with you.


Love, Beyond Family Health and Community Services





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