July 5, 2022

A Message from the Director, of Beyond Family H.C.S

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Hello everyone, my name is Rebecca, I am the Director at Beyond Family. I love working with people even when I was a young child. When I was deciding what career path to do, my first picks didn’t plan out. I’ve done other jobs in the past, but my true calling is working in the healthcare field. I had some experience with family and clients who needed care. Heart surgery, cancers, bed ridden, stroke, MS, Alzheimer, Death of a loved one unexpectedly and ones that you know have a short time left just to name a few. Since joining the field in 2000, not much has changed in the field. When I started, we didn’t have the phones with apps it was just a communication tool to contact the office for emergencies. Now technology improved and so did the cell phones that we can make on demand reporting, communication improvements and seeing a scheduling with client’s info right in the staff hands when they need it. Other things we decided to include is a buddy system for staff who need an extra hand for transferring. Better training that staff has access to any time, so it doesn’t interfere with their work schedules. We have small support teams, so everyone works together to improve the best care for our clients and their caregivers. The best caregivers are the ones who go beyond the call of duty. They make you feel that you are important and your family, treating you with dignity and respect. Our prices are at premium rates because of the high-quality care of our staff gives to all out clients. Everyone matters to us when you come to count on us for our services. I just ask that you treat our staff, with the same dignity and respect they show you.

Like what we said in our “ABOUT US”, this is a family health care corporation. I’m born and raised in Canada and my mother had to retire early 4 years ago from being a RPN head nurse from health complications. We decided to bring our dream to life by bringing our experiences to the table to making something worth more then just words. We do have future plans to setup and run a nursing home and senior residence home. Still providing the same care in our home health care and to the employees. We have innovated ideas to bring more than just the standard services offer by other home health care business offer. We really want to bring to the table the health care team working with the same clients. To really take care of the clients no matter how much care they need. Most high management positions are in it for the profit, we want to use the profits to give back to our staff. My belief is giving our staff a better benefit when working with us because they deserve it for all the care they give to our clients. We are working as one big multifamily, that our family can make our healthcare excellent for a better future.

The other fun idea we have in the works is our non- profit community outreach program. We’re hoping to launch in the near future. It will be annual membership fee. For some activity and events there maybe an additional fee due to the supply or you need to sign up because of the size of space we have available at that time. Don’t worry the team will have it posted on our website, or a mail out calendar or poster for each month.

I love working with my long-time mother-friend supporting and being there for each other.  For our employees welcome to the family, I’m glad to be working beside you, and encouraging you to be the best care person you are meant to be. Thank you for supporting our clients every day you work with them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a long road or a quick one, being there for them means a lot to everyone in the care team and their loved ones.

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