June 30, 2022

Memory Care

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What is memory care? As people get older some of us encounter brain problems in the form of either Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Folks who have this condition can still live in their homes if given the proper support. Changing places to live, they can lose sense of who they once were and the joy memories they still hold dear to things that are around in their current environment. They don’t survive in a different place, and it can cause them distress dealing with others they don’t know. But the main concern is their safety and helping them to maintain a self dignity as well. They have a set routine and if you take them out of their safe feeling when at home and putting them in to a nursing home, they lose that routine and the care they truly need. Most nursing home are not equipped to handle a person who needs a friend to watch over them making sure they eat, have good hygiene and getting exercise with fresh air on nice sunny days. Instead, they are handed a meal and checked on a few times a day. Some may wonder and are issued to wear a security anklet to ensure they don’t leave the building. I know that taking care of a parent with these problems can be over taxing on not just you but your family as well. But having the right care every step of their condition gives you and your loved ones a sense of relief to be able to enjoy the time you may have left with them. Knowing that the care team is taking great care of them and giving the support you need during this time. We believe it matters every step of the way.

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