July 5, 2022

Living in independence as long as possible

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Many ask when the right time to have in home senior care for your loved one. Many of our seniors are quite capable of living independently at home. But at some point, seniors find they can’t do certain things in their daily lives and feel they need a little helping hand. This is where you might think it’s time to look into having a helping hand come to the home. Our loving care is flexible and tailored to accommodate the individual senior needs to help maintain their daily life at home. We encourage our clients to do what they still can for them selves in their daily activities and support in the things they have trouble doing. Our services ranges can be overwhelming but rest assure we listen to you and provide what you need right now and if things change, we can make the changes to accommodate to your changing needs.  Picking a healthcare agency to help you and your loved one shouldn’t be hard. At Beyond Family we make sure to listen and help support you and your loved one, every step of the way. When we create your custom care plan with you, we go over what you can do and what type of assistance you need in your care plan.  The categories may include Hygiene (bath, oral care, skin care, grooming, etc), Dressing, Home Support (vacuum, dusting, laundry, dishes, etc), Toileting, Mobility, Meals, Medication Reminder, Miscellaneous (Light pet care, shopping/errand, transportation, etc), just to name a few.  You can be in control for the hour and days you need our services. If your thinking of maybe a retired residence or nursing home, then you’ll be on their time of when the help will come to you, and you may not be giving the proper care you need to live the way you want. We at Beyond Family just want you to live the rest of your lifetime no matter how long it may be in a trust and caring manner continue doing the things you love even if you need a helping hand along the way.

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