July 3, 2022

24 Hour Care

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You may have a lot of questions about 24-hour care and this article I hope answers them. Our 24-hour care team are assigned on the same shift and with the knowledge and experience for the care you need. It can be 3 shifts for 8-hour shifts: morning, afternoon, nights, and weekend. Or what we like better 12-hour day and night shifts: from Monday to Thursday team and Friday to Sunday team. We like to keep it this way because of the best care you can obtain. They will get to know your loved one and notice changes faster if things need to be adjusted quickly in their care.  Before each shift ends our care team gives the team member a report if anything needs to be addressed and if there maybe a problem developing like bed sores, rashes and skin changes. Even the team will do routine report to a nurse who is assigned to the care team to help with treatments or medication and wound dressing if needed. But the care team is also following the client’s doctor orders and reports will be sent to them to ensure their updated on any new changes and if they decided to make changes in the care. The 24-hour care plan range from hygiene, meals, dressing, light house keeping, and other duties if required.  We also do palliative and hospice care. We strive to help people live in their homes, provide comfort when they pass away on their own terms. These services is to enable everyone to fulfill their wish of passing away peacefully at home surrounded by their love ones.

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