What are the benefits of being at home for care?

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There is no place like home. Home is a comfort whether the need is short term or long-term care. Things are familiar to you and that in a new place where many will feel their independence and their long-term memories are lost. No matter the age everyone does better at home. That why we understand to make things easy for you to be at home with the right plan of service(s).

Is there a long contract with Beyond Family?

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Our agreement is a service agreement with our clients it is not a contract. This means you can cancel by providing at least 24-hour notice and you will be billed for the completed services. Each care plan is tailored to your needs. Even with our apps, we leave a care plan binder that our staff and clients double-check to make sure no duties were missed on that visit. Or they can do the missed duty the next visit day

Do we provide caregivers to facilities such as retirement homes, long term care or hospitals?

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We do facility agreements to cover shortage caregiver shifts. We also offer extra care services to your loved ones if you require help in their main care such as bathing, feeding or companionship. Our care team will give the same treatment as our clients not in a facility.

Do you provide service in my area?

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Our area of service on the main page, contains a list of the regions, cities and towns that are in operation. We are a growing company and hoping to open up in other regions as well. You may give us a call to enquirer if we are opening up in your area. We do update our website regularly.

Do you have a discount for non-profits and students?

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How can I monitor daily reporting?

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Our clients will receive a login to access to service app to see the scheduled care time and your care worker assigned. You may share the login with other trusted family members as well. Our workers also work with our app to clock in and clock out and to see what duties are needed to be done. They can leave messages for you as well and be notified of new changes to your service duties.

We do a two-point reporting system, so we don’t miss anything. On the app, they just click a button on the tasks done, write it’s just a checklist of what was done. And our caregivers can write out detailed changes in your condition as well that you can take with you to your doctor visits. We can send reports to your doctor upon request by the clients or trustees. You can leave notes for care giver in the care binder or call the office for us to pass the message on.

How can I reschedule?

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Depending on the type of problem, you can talk it over with your caregiver if you need to change a time on a day and they can let us know the reschedule day/time. But if no accommodation is agreed with both parties, we could certainly assign a temp worker for that assigned schedule who would be happy to be there for the short time needed until your regular worker is ready to be back on schedule.   For services that have more than one caregiver, we can ask your care team if they would be willing to extend a few hours to cover the shift or if one is off that day if they would be willing to cover the shift until the regular caregiver is able to return back to regular time shift. Or we assign a temp caregiver for the shift that needs to be covered

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